Grocery Cart Bingo

Restoring and rejuvenating your skin's health does not have to be complicated, expensive or mystifying!  Do you ever feel frustrated or lost as you walk through a stores skin care aisle and simply have no idea what cream, lotion or serum is the right one for you?  I call this grocery cart bingo.  When it all gets too overwhelming we frustratingly grab a box, toss it into the cart and just hope for the best.

Ultimately it all ends up in an already overflowing bathroom drawer!  My primary goal is to keep your skin care simple, easy AND effective!  If I am not willing to go through a multiple step protocol before I can finally go to bed at night, I won't ask you to either!  My philosophy is to focus on restoring the health of your skin.  If you can remember the perfect dilution ratio of Iodine to Baby Oil, you need to see me....throw a sun lamp into that mix and you should be dialing the phone right now!  A free consultation is where we start.  I will honor your time and trust, because today your skin's health matters and so do you!

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