Treatment FAQs

Chemical Peels

Will I walk out looking like a stop light?
In most circumstances the answer is NO. There are various types and levels of peels that can be performed from superficial to deep.  I believe when you jump to the big guns right off the bat you can end up with a "more harm than good" scenario.  Over traumatizing the skin does not equal correction.

How many treatments will I need?
Before we even begin, you will have a clear, realistic understanding of how many treatments or what protocol is right for your skin and skin type.  It is important to remember that it took many decades to accumulate this damage on your skin and we will not fix anything overnight.


Injectable Fillers

Is the treatment painful?
Your comfort is the most important detail to any treatment experience you receive in our office, especially when we talk about injections.  With medical grade topical numbing creams or the use of a fast acting dental block, this treatment option will be as comfortable as it is impressive!

How long will the results last?
Today's injectables can last up to one full year!  Skin testing is no longer necessary and the results are immediate!


Laser Hair Reduction

Is the treatment painful?
Your comfort is the most important detail to your treatment experience and there will be different sensitivity levels depending upon the area of the body treated.  For smaller treatment areas, a medical grade topical numbing cream will help alleviate any discomfort and for the larger surface areas such as the back, chest or legs, clear aloe chilled by our Zimmer unit is employed for your comfort.

Are the results permanent?
Although permanent hair removal is not possible, in most cases hair growth is either significantly reduced or the texture of the hair changed from coarse to finer and lighter.

How many treatments will I need?
Hair goes through three separate phases of growth and laser treatments will only be effective on the actively growing hair at the time of the treatment.  Therefore, normally 4-6 treatments will be necessary with occasional touch up treatments needed to sustain your results.


Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Is the treatment painful?
With the specialized laser technology we apply in our office, any discomfort associated with the removal of spider veins, either on the face or body is minimized by directly chilling the treatment area throughout the procedure.

Are the results permanent?
A number of factors can predispose you to developing spider veins of the legs such as, heredity, occupations that involve a lot of standing, being over weight or hormone changes.  We may be able to eliminate an existing nest of veins; however this will not address the likelihood of developing more spider veins in the future.  Lifestyle changes are strongly encouraged to sustain your overall vascular health.


Laser Treatment for Brown Spots (Lentigos)

Can any brown spot be treated?
It is imperative that a doctors approval is given before any pigmented area is destroyed with a laser.  Once we are assured that the area does not require a biopsy, we will proceed with the treatment.

How may treatments are necessary?
In most cases, benign pigmented lentigos (brown spots) are fully resolved after one or two treatments.

Once the spots are removed will they return?
Benign pigmented lentigos (brown spots) can return, after time especially if the area is repeatedly exposed to the sun without daily sun protection. Without ongoing protection from UV exposure, you will only be trading your brown spot for a brown scar.


Laser Tightening or Laser Correction of Photodamage

Are the results permanent?
Even with this highly effective treatment correction, we cannot stop the aging process.  Incorporating healthy skin care is critical to sustaining your impressive results.

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