Breast Reduction / Reduction Mammoplasty

Also known as Reduction Mammoplasty, a breast reduction removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with the rest of the body and to alleviate physical discomfort that is associated with overly large breasts such as chronic back or shoulder pain.  The surgery is performed as an outpatient and depending upon your specific insurance standards, this procedure may be considered medically necessary.

Breast Reduction is one of the most personal decisions a woman can make and it is also one of the most life changing procedures I do.  If you are living with chronic daily pain or have compromised your lifestyle due to disproportionately enlarged breasts, it is time to consider breast reduction surgery.  I take into consideration your unique body size and shape and then work to achieve a more naturally sized breast particular to you.  Women are tearfully grateful after this surgery and seem to get a renewed lease on life.

"Breast reduction is a very big and personal decision, and I am so glad that I came to you.  This surgery really has already changed my life and I am so grateful to you."

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