Reshaping of the full face and neck is performed to soften and correct wrinkling and sagging skin, which occurs with aging, the cumulative effect of photo damage or heredity. Often these dynamic signs of aging do not match your youthful spirit.  However even through this impressive surgical rejuvenation not every line can be removed, as this would give your face a very unnatural (wind tunnel) appearance.  Subtle softening of the deep tissue of your face and neck will always give you a fresher more natural result!  Incisions are placed so the scars are as inconspicuous as possible and will often be concealed within the hairline.

During your consultation it may be concluded that you are not ready for a full face and neck lift.  Together we will determine if just enhancing the upper third of your face through an eye lift will give you the soft yet dramatic correction you are hoping for.  The same can be accomplished through the reshaping of the nose or ears.

In most cases facial surgery is done on an outpatient basis.  I consider your rest and comfort to be imperative for your optimum healing.















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